Natural ingredients in a stunning environment
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A true culinary experience is a carefully written symphony that includes so many notes, that it would be difficult to extract each one, but when they are combined harmoniously, they create an experience superior to the sum of its elements. Puerta Cortés can be enjoyed from many points of view. The culinary is essential for the lifestyle in Puerta Cortés and El Cardón is the highlight of our excellent gastronomic selection.

El Cardón is located on the hill of El Cortés Golf Club, which allows a uninterrupted landscape that includes the El Cortés field, the gentle hills that they descend towards the Sea of ​​Cortés, and farther, from La Paz and the horizon. his Sophisticated design reflects the landscape of Baja California and invites coexistence, with those who share a table and a glass of excellent wine from the Valley of Guadalupe It is the deep communion with the Earth that comes from trying natural and local ingredients, of the highest quality and made by our chef with the intention of bringing inspiration, delight and surprise.

Cardón is the name of the amazing endemic organ cactus of Baja California. They are a statement of resilience, beauty and elegance, like lifestyle Puerta Cortes is a declaration of passion for life and everything that makes worth it.