That which comes naturally and allows connect, vibrate and celebrate existence through the senses, challenges and encounters. That is the lifestyle in Puerta Cortés. Receive every day as the possibility to learn and enjoy, surrounded by connoisseurs who share what makes life richer, creating moments that are saved forever.

“The purpose of life is, after all, to live it: it is to taste the experience to the fullest, to reach impetuously and recklessly new and rich experiences”

-Eleanor Roossevelt

Eating nourishes more than the body.

The cuisine at Puerta Cortés is a journey through the most simple and sophisticated culinary desires and pleasures. From preparing fishing to taste; delight in the newly arrived seafood; admire the taste of fresh vegetables grown in our gardens, try a snack at the right time and place.

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Listen to the call of the sea

With 360 days of sunshine per year and one of the most benign climates on the planet, Puerta Cortés is the development, it is the door to the legendary Sea of ​​Cortés or the Gulf of California, and also to the culture, art, adventure and shopping that make Baja California Sur a destination of sophistication without pretense.

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To meet and enjoy a day of sun and beach

Let your eyes be lost in the endless blue of the Sea of ​​Cortez, from the infinity pool or a bunk; feel the soft and fresh sand under your feet, captivate the senses with an outdoor massage, a cocktail or a good meal. The beach in Blue Cortes Beach Club extends towards the sea, tens […]

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The only Gary Player Signature course in Mexico

Since its opening it has received recognition for its design, its landscapes and also for its sustainability. It collects sea views on 17 of the 18 holes of this par 72 course, surrounded by endemic vegetation. After stopping at Hole 19, enjoy the magnificent magnificent views of the sea of ​​courtesy and facilities of our Club House.

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Reimagine traditional walks along the boardwalk

The Marina at Puerta Cortés is considered one of the best in the American continent, with 250 slips for boats up to 225 feet. In this marina near La Paz, BCS, is El Pueblito Marinero, which receives partners, passengers and visitors with carefully selected gastronomy, services and boutiques. Culinary In the Pueblito Marinero there are […]

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Natural ingredients in a stunning environment

Sharing the table is a celebration, a moment to meet, to be with the other and, thanks to textures, aromas and flavors, is to be located in the now, aware of the fortune of coinciding and sharing. Enjoy a careful service in a space that contains and inspires in the social area of ​​the beautiful Club House of El Cortés Golf Club.

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