Invest in Puerta Cortés

For foreigners, there is the possibility of investing in property and land close to the coast in a completely safe and legal manner, through a trust administered by a Mexican bank that guarantees compliance with the law. The land that is part of the trust can be built, sold, inherited and the buildings can be rented, sold and inherited in the same way as if they were private property. Trusts can renew infinitely. Sophisticated investors have taken advantage of this model to invest in one of the most privileged and beautiful places on the planet: the Mexican coast.

Harmony is lived when the congruence between what is aspired and what is is achieved. It is to find clarity and take certain steps, so the achievements become a natural succession that deserves to be celebrated. What better than to find a reflection of that inner harmony in spaces full of light, comfort and luxury settings to live the best of every day. With houses for rent or with secure investment, authentic community committed to the environment in the Sea of ​​Cortés, Baja California Sur. For a few days, some weeks or for a lifetime: Puerta Cortés is made of the care for the smallest details, as well as life.








VistaMar, condominiums and villas in La Paz, Baja California Sur and surrounding areas, redefines Mexican luxury by celebrating the privileged location on a hill, where the Sea of ​​Cortez is enjoyed from every terrace. The common areas are a perfect image: the lobby expands as if flying towards the sea; game room, infinity pool, gardens, gym, concierge service, access to Blue Cortes Beach Club: privacy, security and comfort.

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These houses in La Paz are staggered in beautiful hills. Apart, exclusive and intimate, Las Colinas have an impeccable design that blends organically with the landscape. Houses for sale and rent for season in La Paz, BCS, which are a perfect fusion of cozy decor with contemporary luxury.

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Lomas de Puerta Cortes

A blank canvas, as are the residential lots in Puerta Cortés, spaces that merge harmoniously with nature, sufficiently far from the world and comfortably close to the gastronomy and entertainment of Pueblo Marinero, with access to Blue Cortés Beach Club. From any point in these beautiful grounds it is possible to enjoy views of the sea, the Marina, the Cortés golf course and La Paz, beyond.